Before your consultation, you will be asked to complete a 3 day food diary. This can be sent to you either by email or by post and should be returned to Embrace Nutrition 3 days before the consultation.

Intial Consultation

The initial consultation will last approximately 1 hour. We will take an in depth look at your health concern, health history and briefly dicuss your food diary.A detailed diet plan is then created and sent to you within one week of your appointment.

Recipe Ideas

Do you want some new and exciting recipes tailored to you and your family?
Quick, healthy and delicious recipes are created tailored to what you love and emailed within 48 hours!

Follow Up Consultation

We recommend a follow up consultations after 6 weeks to review the diet, and make any necessary changes. This is usually done in the clinic but can also be done over the phone or Skype if more convenient

Post Consultation Support

Email support for one month after the consultation is included in the initial fee, we try to answer your email within 24 hours.

Quickie Meal Plans

Embrace Nutrition will create your detailed meal plan to help achieve your goals!

Skype / Telephone Support

At Embrace Nutrition we understand you are busy and may not have time to meet for a consultation, therefore these consultations will be ideal for you!