*Enjoy Christmas WITHOUT Gaining Weight!*


Happy Christmas People! With a few Embrace Nutrition tweaks YOU CAN still enjoy the foodie goodness without gaining weight!

Treat: Festive fizz
Tweak: Have a glass of half orange juice and half Jacob’s Creek Cool Harvest Sparkling Sauvignon Blank. This sparkling wine is 8.4% alcohol compared to 12.5% for most champagnes and sparkling wines. This option will still give you a Christmas fizz without overdoing it calorie wise. A standard glass of champagne has 95 calories compared with 64 in this buck’s fizz.

Calories saved 31

Treat: Crisps & nuts
Tweak: Instead of a handful of salted peanuts, grab a handful of crisps! A handful of nuts weighs around 30g providing 181 calories whereas a handful of crisps weighs around 10g and has just 53 calories. Sorted!

Calories saved 128

Treat: Roast potatoes
Tweak: Parboil the potatoes and then spray them with olive oil. Two potatoes roasted in goose fat contain a whopping 253 calories compared with 132 calories in the same serving cooked in 10 sprays of olive oil.

Calories saved 121

Treat: Buttered vegetables
Tweak: Adding butter to a serving dish works out at about one teaspoon per person (37 calories). Instead have your butter ready at room temperature. Once the veggies are cooked, drain and return them to the pan. Add about a third of a teaspoon (12 calories) per person, cover with a lid and give them a shake to lightly coat them before you serve.

Calories saved 25

Treat: Stuffing
Swap sausage meat stuffing, which contains about 150-160 calories and 11g fat per serving, for a vegetarian alternative such as quinoa, dried cranberry, thyme and pine nut stuffing (96 calories and 3.1g fat per serving). Trust us it is SO YUMMY!

Calories saved 54

Treat Wine with lunch
Tweak If you don’t want a hangover, stick with a spritzer made up of half 8% white wine and half sparkling water in a 250ml glass. This way you will get one unit of alcohol and 70 calories per glass compared to 2.1 units of alcohol and 130 calories per 175ml glass of 12% wine.

Calories saved 60

Treat: Brandy butter
Pour a tablespoon of single cream over your dessert. This is 29 calories compared with 151 calories in a tablespoon of brandy butter.

Calories saved 122

Treat: Cheese board
Have a small 20g piece of brie with a handful of grapes for 117 calories rather than a 30g portion of stilton with three cream crackers for 210 calories.

Calories saved 93

Treat Chocolates on tap
Tweak If chocolate is calling your name, choose carefully. Instead of Belgian chocolates, opt for individually wrapped ones from a selection tin. Six Belgian chocolates have 450 calories while six Quality Street ones have 246 calories. PLUS the empty wrappers mean you cant lose track of how many you’ve eaten.

Calories saved 204


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Until Next Time…X

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