*Simple Christmas Nutrition Tips!*




Wow! 10 DAYS until Christmas can you believe it? Often we are asked by clients about simple dietary tips to avoid weight gain, and yes it is possible! Here are our tips to enjoy Christmas and keep the weight off!

Eat one mince pie instead of two � SAVE 185 calories.
Skip the Christmas pudding and cream after dinner � SAVE 329 calories
Always have a glass of water when you are drinking alcohol � Cutting down by one glass of wine (125 ml) will Save around 100 calories.
Have mashed potato and skip the roasties � SAVE 379 for three medium roast potatoes
Have a small portion of turkey instead of a large one � SAVE 120 calories
Have a small portion of ham instead of a large one � SAVE 170 calories
Eat two chocolates instead of four � SAVE around 90 calories
Don’t munch on bowls of crisps and nuts at parties, just take a few and move away. 30 grams of crisps contains around 150 calories and a handful of nuts gives you 256 calories.

Simple Christmas tips from Embrace Nutrition- Nutrition with a difference!

Until Next Time…X

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